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TEX MEX Spice Blend (refill bundle)

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Balanced Bites Spices Organic TEX MEX spice blend

This item includes 2 bags.
Each bag contains 1 ounce | 28.3 grams
A combined total of 2 ounces | 56.6 grams

IMPORTANT: These two bags together will refill our new, regular-sized jars ONE TIME. Each bag will fill about 1/2 of the regular jar. If you are looking to fully refill our previously sold large jars, you will need two bundles of refill bags.


Everyone needs a great, junk-free taco blend, even those who can't eat nightshades! Whether you eat nightshade-free or not, this blend is amazing on just about anything. TEX MEX combines the warm flavors of cumin and coriander you love in my Mexican dishes and is perfect on any protein as well as on potatoes or cooked up with cauli-rice. 


For a version with red-pepper spices, check out our TACO & FAJITA blend.

Ingredients: oregano*, granulated garlic*, granulated onion*, turmeric*, sea salt, coriander*, black pepper*, cumin*. *Certified Organic

This blend is:

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